August 2010 Back Rumor

Article Preview: 

J.S., nice wheels!

Congrats to TNT/Crossmark’s Kennith Fries and his wife, Janice, who celebrate 20 years together in September.

B.D., “Brick House” never sounded so good.

A Missouri retailer is reviewing its urban approach to a prepared chicken program.

BR hears a fountainbranding battle is on tap for a midsize chain in the Midwest.

T.G., talk about going beyond the call of duty— phoning us from Hawaii!?

One of the best quotes of FARE: “I feel like I’m the Flintstones in a Jetsons world.”

So, J.B., no commando, but boxer briefs?

Not a bad arm, J.W. Are you going to leave the industry to pitch for the Flying Squirrels?

Congrats to Brian D. on dropping 40 lbs.!

Happy birthday to Kevin Curtis’ dad, who celebrated his 80th birthday with 35 family members on an Alaskan cruise.

“Spoilage is my friend”: An operator with hundreds of stores is moving into foodservice sampling with its private lines. So far, says a foodservice operative, mmmmmm good.

One of the country’s largest grocers is ramping up its c-stores with fresh, more spacious designs and richly improved foodservice.

Wine smackdown: It’s G.E. vs. T.J. !

D.M., time to get off the Tea Party and join the Coffee Party.

T.M., glad you no longer have to disguise your coffee.

Brian M., thanks for endangering your domestic bliss to make it to FARE!

P.M., we don’t need to hear any more about any other bags!

J.C., best wishes on a speedy recovery.

Hola, J.H.! Hope you and your sombrero had a smoother return flight home.  

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