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Samantha Oller, Senior Editor/Fuels, CSP

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Where the Gains Are

C-store sales, 52 weeks ending Dec. 29, 2013

Candy overall had a sweet year—relatively—in 2013, with chocolate posting a 1.4% increase in c-store unit sales, according to IRI, after a decline in 2012. The larger package sizes—3.5 ounces and greater—saw units up nearly 12%. Nielsen reports a 3% increase in chocolate unit sales, with king-size up more than 7%, as more consumers trade up from standard.

Nielsen and IRI figures differ on the performance of nonchocolate: IRI shows a 1.2% dip in unit sales, while Nielsen reports a nearly 3% increase. Both agree on the weak state of gum, however. IRI reports a nearly 8% decrease in c-store unit sales, and Nielsen figures show a nearly 6% decline.

C-store sales of seasonal candy rose 14%, according to Nielsen, with units up more than 5%.

SegmentC-store sales
($ millions)
PCYACase sales
Total chocolate$2,552.95.1%1,821.71.4%
--Less than 3.5-oz.$2,162.83.6%1,597.70.3%
--Greater than 3.5-oz.$314.214.5%163.611.5%

Source: IRI

SegmentC-store sales
($ millions)
PCYACase sales
C-store sales, 52 weeks ending Dec. 28,2013    
Total chocolate$2,677.96.1%1,856.03.0%
Breath fresheners$243.04.7%154.81.3%
Seasonal (total candy)$114.714.0%89.95.6%

Sources: The Nielsen Co., The Hershey Co.

Distributor Data: Candy Shipments

Calendar year 2013

In 2013, king-size and hand-to-mouth chocolate, bagged candy and nonchocolate posted decent dollar gains in shipments from McLane.

SegmentAverage shipments per store per week (in dollars)Average shipments per store per week
(dollar growth)
Total chocolate bars$190.84$4.602.5%
--Hand to mouth$9.59$3.4857.0%
Bagged candy$76.57$7.7611.3%
Candy rolls/mints/drops$22.58$0.210.9%
Seasonal candy$8.61-$3.35-28.0%
Theater pack candy$6.03-$0.86-12.5
Premium/large/giant bars$5.64$2.86102.4
Change makers/penny$4.72$0.317.0
Novelty candy$3.21-$0.81-20.1
Other candy$6.86$4.36173.9

Source: McLane Co.


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