February 2013 Back Rumor

Article Preview: 

 S.H., we knew a company with a name like that would be smart enough to scoop you up.

 Some people just won’t take no for an answer when it comes to driving their “big truck.” Right, C.L.?

M.T., we think your foodservice is more than fine. It’s among the tastiest we’ve tried.

J.O., congrats on your engagement!

BR hears that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge may be flying in for CS’ wed­ding this fall.

At the top of one independent retailer’s wish list: a Redbox unit to anchor an outdoor vending area.

 BR hears that M.S. is serious about her Dom.

D.H., hope you get that Steelers ring some day.

It still amazes J.S. that people will line up at a hypermarket pump to save 50 cents (10 gallons at 5 cents per gallon below street price).

Might there be a new job position as sales floor “choreographer”? L.D. and her tap shoes are hoping so.

BR hears a major con­solidator may be in talks with a midsized Southeast retailer.

 M.P., you were cutting it close. Hope all is well with the new arrival.

Congrats to Dick M., who gains a daughter-in-law and now has a better reason to visit Minneapolis!

Recent testing led one Midwest chain to year-round coffee promotions and a re­working of its frozen foods section.

Box within a box: a new design trend for one Midwest chain?

We need to get you a hat with two straws, N.S.

It’s tough when ev­eryone wants to rule the world, T.W. says of millennials.

L.D. learned a lot from her dad, who went from mechanic to c-store operator. She says it has shaped her own determined leadership style.

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