Foodservice: Frozen/Refrigerated Foods 2014

Samantha Oller, Senior Editor/Fuels, CSP

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Where the Gains Are: Refrigerated

C-store sales, 52 weeks ending Dec. 29, 2013

C-store milk sales fell again in 2013, with unit sales of skim and low-fat off more than 8% and whole milk down 4.6%, according to IRI. Elsewhere in the dairy case, segments such as natural cheese, butter and sour cream saw modest increases. Yogurt unit sales leveled off after a nearly 11% jump in 2012, according to IRI figures.

In refrigerated meals, breakfast entrees posted a more than 4% jump in unit sales, while hand-held entrees fell more than 5%.

Refrigerated Dairy    
Dairy segmentC-store sales
($ millions)
PCYAUnit sales
Skim/low-fat milk$905.6-5.9%306.4-8.4%
Whole milk$597.0-2.2%207.1-4.6%
Flavored milk/eggnog/buttermilk$366.3-0.5%222.4-3.5%
Natural cheese$126.33.4%95.92.3%
Fresh eggs$77.61.3%37.7-1.3%
Milkshakes/nondairy drinks$17.3-14.5%9.5-16.5%
Butter/butter blends$15.03.8%3.92.6%
Sour cream$9.95.8%4.66.6%
Cottage cheese$6.6-9.8%2.8-13.1%
Cream cheese/cream cheese spread$5.73.2%2.0-1.5%
Refrigerated Entrées    
Hand-held non-breakfast entrées$714.3-1.2%220.7-5.3%
Breakfast entrées$255.86.3%113.04.2%
Luncheon meats$29.1-5.6%11.1-10.4%
Breakfast meats$26.26.7%5.34.6%
Meat and refrigerated ham$25.4-9.6%14.1-7.5%
Side dishes$20.7-8.3%7.9-12.6%

Source: IRI

Distributor Data: Refrigerated and Frozen Shipments

Calendar year 2013

McLane shipments of frozen food rose in 2013 in terms of average shipments per store per week, with pizza, dinners, ice cream/novelties and other frozen items posting gains.

Packaged Deli Products   
SegmentAverage shipments per store per week (in dollars)Average shipments per store per week (dollar growth)PCYA
Lunch packs$12.30-$0.94-7.1%
Luncheon meat$2.52-$0.21-7.6%
Other packaged deli products$5.71$1.0923.6%
Total packaged
deli products
Packaged cheese$11.87$0.020.2%
Milk/milk product$5.15-$5.10-49.7%
Other dairy$7.72$1.4723.6%
Total dairy$32.59-$1.87-5.4%
Frozen Food   
Frozen pizza$14.64$1.6212.4%
Frozen dinners & entrées$6.59$1.4528.2%
Ice cream and novelties$2.90$0.176.2%
Other frozen foods$33.43$21.21173.5%
Total frozen foods$57.56$24.4473.8%

Source: McLane Co.


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