Foodservice: Hot Dispensed Beverages 2014

Samantha Oller, Senior Editor/Fuels, CSP

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C-Store Coffee Menu Importance

Year ending December 2013

When compared to QSR coffee menu importance, traditional coffee has the highest importance at c-stores (9.6% menu importance vs. 7.2% at QSRs), while specialty is still highest at QSRs (6.6% menu importance vs. c-stores’ 3.4%).

Beverage Percent of meals and snacks that include item
Traditional coffee 9.6%
Specialty coffee 3.4%

Source: The NPD Group Inc./CREST

C-Store Hot-Beverage Share of Sales

Calendar Year 2013

Technomic Inc. estimates that c-store hot-beverage sales totaled $5.5 billion in 2013, up 11% from the year prior.

Beverage Share of sales C-store sales
Coffee 73% $4.0 billion
Specialty hot coffee 24% $1.3 billion
Hot cocoa 2% $85 million
Hot tea 1% $74 million

Source: Technomic Inc.

Day-Part Distribution

Most away-from-home serving incidences for coffee happen in the morning, with 68% of brewed coffee servings, for example, being poured at that day-part, according to Datassential. However, while more than one-half of iced- and frozen-coffee incidences occur in the morning, a respectable percentage—or one-third—happen midday.

Coffee type Morning Midday Evening
Brewed coffee 68% 24% 8%
Specialty coffee 60% 27% 13%
Iced coffee 55% 34% 11%
Frozen coffee 53% 33% 13%
Iced tea 26% 54% 20%
Hot tea 53% 31% 16%

Source: Datassential

Hot Dispensed Beverages: Usage Behavior

According to a December 2013 sample of research from Datassential’s Buzz Coffee & Tea Tracker, which tracks a sample of 12,000 consumers on their coffee and tea preferences, 45% of consumers’

daily beverage incidences away from home included brewed coffee. This compares to 41% for bottled water, 34% for juice and 33% for carbonated soft drinks (CSDs).

For more information on the Buzz Coffee & Tea Tracker, contact Mark DiDomenico, director of business development at Datassential, at 312-655-0597 or [email protected].

Daily Beverage Incidence  
Tap water/ice water/glass of water 55%
Brewed coffee/black coffee 45%
Bottled water 41%
Juice/juice drink 34%
Regular carbonated soft drink 33%
Milk 32%
Iced tea 26%
Diet carbonated soft drink 24%
Hot tea 18%
Beer 13%
Punch/lemonade/limeade 12%
Specialty coffee drink 12%
Iced coffee 11%
Wine 11%
Sports drink 10%
Hot chocolate 9%
Smoothie 8%
Energy drink 8%
Milk shake 7%
Ice-blended/frozen coffee/frappe 7%
Spirits/cocktails/liquor 7%
Slushie/granita 3%

Source: Datassential


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