Foodservice Next Steps

Actionable ideas from this issue to implement in your operations today.

Abbie Westra, Director, Editorial, CSP

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Expand Your Fountain

Dispensed iced tea and juices have made notable gains in c-store sales, according toTechnomic, and the firm expects the growth trajectory to continue.

Pair the New with the Familiar

Ease consumers into trendy new ingredients and flavors using more familiar menu items such as sandwiches, chicken and pizza as the vehicle.

Succeed with Snacks

Snacking is hot across all foodservice segments as well as CPG. Extend the sales opportunities by expanding the definition of a snack to include hot prepared appetizers and sides, packaged snacks, fresh dairy such as yogurt, and even beverages.

Think of the Children

The idea of healthful kids’ meals has permeated the minds of limited-service operators: 30% of the NRA’s top 10 limited-service trends for 2013 pertained to the topic. Get on board with healthful options of your own.

Watch the Hospitals

Technomic and the NRA are both expecting notable sales gains for the health-care sector this year. Meanwhile, operators are revamping their sites with creative concepts worthy of the commercial competition down the street. Watch them for menu, design and branding ideas.

Location, Location, Flavor

Shoppers report taste/flavor of foods and convenient location are the most important factors influencing their c-store foodservice visitation. What’s not very important? Music selection and availability of LTOs.

Restaurant Research

Observe how Papa Murphy’s, McAlister’s Deli, Chick-fil-A and Firehouse Subs do business. These chains ranked high in consumer satisfaction in a Technomicsurvey.

Start Slinging Pies

C-store retailers told Datas sential the menu category with the most growth is pizza. Likewise, operators across c-store, college & university and health-care channels reported in the FARE State of Foodservice at Retail Study that pizza had great growth potential, second only to sandwiches. So start tossing that dough.

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