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Samantha Oller, Senior Editor/Fuels, CSP

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Internal-Analgesic Brands

C-store sales, 52 weeks ending Dec. 29, 2013

BC and Goody’s stayed on top of the internal-analgesics segment in c-stores and together claimed about one-quarter of subcategory sales in 2013, according to IRI. Both, however, experienced declines in dollars and unit sales, IRI figures show. Private-label analgesics grew about 3% in dollars and 2% in units.

BrandC-store sales ($ millions)PCYAUnit sales (millions)PCYA
Private label$31.73.1%12.82.2%
Total (including brands not shown)$327.1-1.8%159.9-5.8%

Source: IRI

Weight-Control/Nutritional Brands

C-store sales, 52 weeks ending Dec. 29, 2013

While Muscle Milk brands contributed more than two-thirds of c-store dollar sales in the weight-control/nutritional segment, according to IRI, the subcategory’s nearly 10% growth was also fueled by the VPX Redline Xtreme and Core Power brands.

BrandC-store sales ($ millions)PCYAUnit sales (millions)PCYA
Muscle Milk$166.75.6%46.33.4%
VPX Redline Xtreme$22.516.7%7.120.8%
Muscle Milk Light$14.72.9%4.10.4%
Core Power$11.4>1,000%3.4>1,000%
Muscle Milk Pro Series 40$6.5NA1.6NA
VPX Redline Power Rush$3.46.7%1.17.9%
ABB Pure Pro 50$3.393.0%0.894.3%
Neuro Trim$3.3-25.9%1.3-27.2%
Kellogg's Special K$3.25.3%1.23.6%
VPX Redline$2.9-18.9%0.9-17.2%
Total (including brands not shown)$274.29.8%80.07.8%

Source: IRI

Energy-Shot Brands

C-store sales, 52 weeks ending Dec. 29, 2013

C-store sales of energy shots declined for the second straight year, down nearly 9% in dollars and off 8% in units, according to IRI. The 5-hour Energy brand claimed more than 90% of dollar share in the segment.

BrandC-store sales ($ millions)PCYAUnit sales (millions)PCYA
5-hour Energy$750.7-8.0%229.3-8.0%
Stacker 2 6-hour Power$13.6-27.4%3.9-27.5%
Street King$3.269.6%1.286.4%
Vital 4U Screamin Emergy$2.7-7.2%2.4-8.5%
VPX Redline Power Rush$2.7-12.5%0.9-12.2%
Worx Energy Extra Strength$2.6-64.9%1.1-61.2%
Fuel in a Bottle$2.630.4%1.241.3%
Stacker 2$2.3-34.2%0.6-33.2%
Total (including brands not shown)$803.5-8.8%254.5-8.0%

Source: IRI

Distributor Data: Vitamin/Supplement/Energy Shooters

Calendar year 2013

The top-shipped energy shot from McLane in 2013 was the 5-hour Energy Extra Strength Berry.

1. 5-hour Energy Extra Strength Berry (1.93-oz.)

2. 5-hour Energy Extra Strength Grape (1.93-oz.)

3. 5-hour Energy Berry (2-oz.)

4. 5-hour Energy Pomegranate (2-oz.)

5. 5-hour Energy Grape (2-oz.)

Source: McLane Co.


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