Learning Your ABZs

The youngest group of consumers is going to change the world. Are you ready for them?

Samantha Oller, Senior Editor/Fuels, CSP

Mitch Morrison, Vice President & Retail Executive Platform Director, Winsight

Erik J. Martin, CSP Correspondent

Illustrations by Nick Shepherd

Fuel Futurists

Don’t expect Gen Z to fuel up the way their parents do

For most people of driving age, the concept of alternative-fuel vehicles is just that—still an idea, possibly a good one, but not yet practical during this era of low gasoline prices.

For Gen Z, many of whom have a learner’s driving permit or are still bumming a ride from their mom and dad, the future car has no such limitations.

For example, while Gen Z consumers were somewhat less likely than millennials to say they would lease or buy an alternative-fuel vehicle, the two generations’ enthusiasm for electric vehicles (EV) was about the same, according to the CSP-Technomic survey.

Nearly 40% of Gen Z says they would within the next 20 years buy or lease a plug-in hybrid, which can run on a battery or a gasoline-powered engine, or pure battery-powered EVs.

Gen Z bested millennials’ interest in using EV charging stations, whether they are at the gas pumps or have their own dedicated parking space.