May 2012 Back Rumor

Article Preview: 

Double congrats to Tony Gaines on his new job and his new svelte self!

When two beverage category managers from The Pantry meet to negotiate how cooler-door space is divided, two men en­ter the ring—and one man comes out.

BR hears a small chain on the East Coast cel­ebrated heartily when all its stores finally got into scanning.

Was that Dean P. wearing leprechaun boots in Texas?

Now it’s Mt. Kilimanjaro, P.M.? If you have any more stories involving the blue bag, please don’t feel you need to share.

Congrats to Brad Heetland on his daughter’s recent nuptials!

BR hears a popular pain reliever being out of stock until January is a big headache for the manufacturer.

HR podcaster William T. will do his live show anywhere, even on a bus between presentations.

As one Southeast chain expands, it has to work harder to show people what it’s about.

BR hears Coca-Cola’s Freestyle fountain is being run through its paces in a few North­ern California c-stores.

Sounds as if F.W. is having the time of his life in his current job. And good for him!

Got $2 million? Locals in west Texas are saying a rig can offer a return on investment in 12 to 18 months.

An independent, no-account-necessary, debit-linked bank in your store? Interesting product, A.C.

Look for one South­west chain to double its company-op and distributor ranks in the next five years.

Maybe following your son’s fitness example is a good idea, K.M.

The always-colorful P.D. paints quite the picture when she describes her business issues as “wrestling the gorillas.”

An operator in the West is still looking for the right foodservice program.

Yes, B.E. is looking forward to a little “me” time, but that doesn’t mean we won’t see him working in the industry again.

Don’t ask T.G. to skydive, surf or hit a halfpipe. These things just aren’t on his bucket list.

If Bob B.’s retail efforts fall through, we hear he’s got a fallback career in public relations for a major distributor just waiting for him.

Folks are keeping a close eye on a text-payment offer one oil company is going with.

J.W., we expect you’ll be hosting us in Vegas soon, right? We hope?  

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