May 2013 Back Rumor

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BR hears the ever-generous R.G. helped more than a few friends leave their blues at home for a few hours.

Best wishes to S.K. as he embarks on a new adventure/

It’s never too late to buy a championship shirt for your favorite team, right, J.Z.? Luckily things worked out for you … this time.

Congrats to James McNutt; glad to hear baby is doing well!

Larry G. can see clearly now ... that his cooler doors are all clear plastic.

S.H. is hoping for a smart car to go with his Smartphone.

BR hears an East Coast retailer is prepping for mobile couponing.

T.P., we hear you’re movin’ on up these days. So maybe that political office isn’t too far off in the future?

D.M., hope you’re enjoying the daily dips, grilled steaks and much lower taxes.

Congrats, Bo S., on your new chapter. Pump up the volume!

E-cigs have gone from zero to 60 for one Northeast retailer.

BR hears an Illinois distributor is looking to bring its new gasoline brand to several states across the Midwest.

One Midwest retailer may keep some employees to fewer than 30 hours a week as health-care reform looms.

One loyalty provider is already predicting the demise of plastic and fobs.

A Southeast retail chain has caught the wave—not on the beach, but with its canopy design.

Anthony P., BR looks forward to seeing that new products section. Send photos! Getting cashiers to talk up loyalty is one Midwest retailer’s burden. P.C., maybe we should pitch in for some therapy for Susie. BR hears that the hot food offerings at some former big-oil sites in the Midwest have gone from little to none.

DM, at least know we know where to find extras for the next “Tron” sequel.

As a Texas retailer begins adding drive thru lanes to his stores, he offers this summary: Drive-thru is the stopgap for not being able to bring the items directly to the pump.

BR wonders what one Northeast retailer is coming up with in his talks with a mobile app provider. Viva Italia! K.K., hope you enjoyed a great trip with the girls.

For R.W.’s next birthday, BR hears she’d love a new Harley.

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