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Cross-Channel Beverage Menu Prevalence

Percent offering

When analyzing which beverages are offered across multiple channels, data outliers include obvious trends such as the prevalence of packaged beverages in c-stores. College & university (C&U) overindexed on smoothies and specialty coffee drinks.

BeverageC-storesQSR/fast casualC&UHospitalsTotal*
Dispensed regular coffee98%57%94%95%89%
Packaged soft drinks97%51%82%95%82%
Dispensed soft drinks86%87%96%74%73%
Dispensed iced tea65%81%86%72%72%
Packaged energy drinks98%23%71%60%58%
Packaged coffee drinks95%3%64%53%50%
Made-to-order specialty coffee
Made-to-order smoothies13%30%57%27%27%
Dispensed hot tea27%17%32%19%25%

Source: FARE 2014 State of Foodservice Study

*Total includes nursing homes, long-term care, senior living

Cross-Channel Beverage Growth Expectations

Overall, c-store operators seem more optimistic about beverage sales growth than their QSR/fast-casual and non-commercial brethren.

Which two of the following foodservice beverage categories do you believe have the highest sales growth potential in the next year?

BeverageC-storesQSR/Fast casualC&UHospitalsTotal*
Made-to-order specialty coffee
Packaged energy drinks42%10%28%18%24%
Made-to-order smoothies15%31%34%19%23%
Packaged soft drinks24%6%13%34%19%
Dispensed regular coffee24%10%11%16%17%
Dispensed iced tea19%31%7%11%14%
Dispensed soft drinks25%21%1%12%12%
Packaged coffee drinks17%0%18%4%10%
Dispensed hot tea1%6%7%1%3%
None of the above4%23%17%24%22%

Source: FARE 2014 State of Foodservice Study

*Total includes nursing homes, long-term care, senior living

Coffee Menu Importance: Retail vs. Restaurant

Year ending December 2013

Traditional coffee has the highest importance at c-stores, while specialty coffee is still highest at QSRs.

ChannelMenu importance***
Traditional coffee 
Food & drug4.3%
Specialty coffee 
Food & drug1.7%

Source: The NPD Group/CREST

***Percent of meals/snacks that include item

Day-Part Distribution

Most away-from-home serving incidences for coffee happen in the morning, with 68% of brewed-coffee servings, for example, being poured at that day-part, according to Datassential. However, while more than one-half of iced- and frozen-coffee incidences occur in the morning, a respectable percentage—or one-third—happen midday.

Coffee typeMorningMiddayEvening
Brewed coffee68%24%8%
Specialty coffee60%27%13%
Iced coffee55%34%11%
Frozen coffee53%33%13%
Iced tea26%54%20%
Hot tea52%31%16%

Source: Datassential

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