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Pizza and Chicken Menu Importance

Year ending December 2013

When comparing restaurants to c-stores and food/drug segments, retail establishments continue to lag behind QSRs with pizza. However, chicken at food/drug stores is almost on par with QSRs.

Food type Menu importance*
Pizza 3.3%
Chicken 5.7%
Food & drug  
Pizza 3.6%
Chicken 18.0%
Pizza 10.4%
Chicken 20.6%

Source: The NPD Group/CREST

*Percent of meals/snacks that include item

Pizza and Chicken Growth Opportunities

When asked which menu items have the highest sales growth potential across a broad number of categories, a notable number of c-store operators responded ready-to-eat pizza, while a quarter of college & university operators see growth opportunities in non-sandwich, non-salad chicken items.

Menu item C-store C&U Hospital
Chicken, non-sandwich, non-salad 16% 25% 18%
Pizza, ready-to-eat slice/pie 33% 17% 11%
Pizza, ready-to-bake/refrigerated kits 6% 1% 3%

Source: FARE 2014 State of Foodservice Study

Specialty-Pizza Trends

Consumers told Technomic that they eat pizza about 3.4 times a month, but they also want more variety. Seventy-four percent, up from 70% in 2012, say that a wide variety of toppings is important in creating a good pizza.

Which specialty pizzas would you order?

Hawaiian 33%
Philly cheese steak 28%
Buffalo chicken 24%
Mexican/Southwest 21%
Greek/Mediterranean 20%

Source: Technomic Inc.

Base: 1,500 consumers age 18 and older; multiple responses allowed

Deli Prepared Chicken, Share of Dollars

Rotisserie chicken commands close to half of all deli prepared chicken sales, with fried chicken a distant second.

Type Dollars
($ millions)
Percent of
Rotisserie chicken $1,442.05 43.72%
Fried chicken $734.37 22.27%
Chicken wings $558.29 16.93%
Chicken appetizers $338.57 10.27%
Chicken meals/combos/dinners $168.81 5.12%
Other prepared chicken $37.20 1.13%
Italian chicken $12.33 0.37%
BBQ chicken $3.66 0.11%
Stuffed chicken $2.79 0.08%
Total $3,298.08 100.00%

Source: Nielsen Perishables Group FreshFacts

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