November 2010 Back Rumor

Article Preview: 

BR hears a “monumental” store tour happened recently in Georgia.

D.M. + cactus = bloody mess, BR hears.

Congrats to J.M. on his daug hter’s nuptials!

S.S., remind us not to get into your personal space, especially on an airplane.

 K.D., we never knew you were an old-time rock ’n’ roll guy.

K.H., next year we want to see a photo of that Budweiser Speedo in your presentation!

BR hears John MacDougall of Nice N Easy was a recent guest lecturer at Syracuse University’s Whitman School of Management. A.M., don’t spend all that Karaoke Kash in one place!

M.Z. suggests a post- NACS Show trip to Betty Ford for all attendees.

BR wonders if J.K. will return to the convenience industry if he leaves his current CEO slot.

A touched Bret Michaels added a new, very personal bracelet to his wrist following his performance in Atlanta. Very nice, J.W.

BR hears that at least one major wholesaler is taking a wait-and-see attitude with electronic cigarettes as FDA begins applying scrutiny to the segment.

G.O. and B.N.: a match made in heaven.

It’s great to see Bob Littlefield back in the industry with Table Talk Pies. Congrats on beating the big C.

Leo V., sorry those 50-pound bags of food were such a doggone shame. C.B., after hearing you and Sully talk about planes, BR is ready to have you as our captain.

B.C., congrats on your marriage!

S.H., jaywalking in Atlanta! BR is shocked. But who could possibly ticket a Southern belle like yourself?

FDA? What FDA? Customers have no clue unless you start messing with their flavors, R.S. says.

T.H., when do we start our own bus company?

BR wants to know what one Georgia retailer has tattooed across his chest.

It must be a relief, S.S., to know your environmental litigation is over— after 19 years.

How do consumers define a “light meal” in 2010? A bag of chips and a soft drink, says NPD’s David Portalatin. 

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