October 2011 Back Rumor

Article Preview: 

Another J.F. had his own meeting with the pope long ago—and that pope was never the same, either!

“Thrifty” a grandmother? Congrats on the arrival of baby Kincaid.

BR hears T.J. has finally consolidated his living quarters. Congratulations!

200%: That’s how much sales jumped for one lighter manufacturer when new regulations came out in Japan.

S.K., BR loves how your business has become “All in the Family.”

No more shakes for you, C.L. Hope you’re feeling better.

BR hears a New England jobber is shopping for sites but is finding that many on the market are overpriced.

S.N., congrats on your son getting into West Point—we salute him!

BR hears more than one retailer has slowed new-build store growth, not because of costs or lack of funding, but because municipalities are making it tougher to get permits. BR hears two Midwest chains are talking about a deal.

Dennis L., BR owes you a T-shirt.

When in doubt, have a brand of ice cream be your differentiator, says one Midwest retailer.

We hear Michael “Romo” Robles has quite a future ahead of him in football … or at least as an autograph hound.

Frank S., we know you have some nerve, but not this way! Feel better.

Congrats to Ken C. of Piedmont Petroleum. Yes, indeed, marriage can be exciting.

G.P., love your idea of NACS setting up a committee to help D.C. solve the debt crisis.

 Three more conversions to 7-Eleven for J.M.

Sam O., BR is curious to hear how that cigar display works out. Sixty cups a day here, 1,000 cups a day there: Never let it be said that a coffee program’s performance is the same at all stores.  

Ten million and counting? Wow, H.T., you really are linked in to the industry.

J.O. says the next time someone asks, “Please?” consider it Ohiospeak for “Say again?”

A.K. and BR are going to start a club for people who jog for the exercise but hate every minute of it.

Cybercrime liability insurance? One Southeast chain is getting close.

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