Preliminary Data from NACS State of the Industry Summit 2014

Total industry sales and a breakdown of the top retail product categories

Samantha Oller, Senior Editor/Fuels, CSP

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Category Snapshot: Cigarettes


Cigarettes' share of in-store sales


Cigarettes' share of in-store gross-profit dollars

Sales by Quartile (per store per month)

The top decile of c-store retailers by store operating profit generated more than $20,000 per store per month in cigarette sales than the top-quartile operators.

Top decile Top quartile Second quartile Third quartile Bottom quartile
$79,796 $59,520 $38,202 $36,934 $31,567

Source: NACS; preliminary data

Subcategory Sales Breakdown

According to Nielsen figures, more than 80% of c-store cigarette sales came from premium brands in 2013.

Subcategory PCYA Share of dolar sales
Premium -1.0% 80.2%
Branded discount 1.4% 14.5%
Subgeneric/private 4.7% 4.8%
Fourth tier -2.4% 0.5%

Source: The Nielsen Co.

Sales by Subcategory

Cigarette sales fell 3.5% in 2013 to settle at $44,751 per store per month.

Subcategory Dollar sales
(per store per week)
Premium $35,886
Branded discount $6,496
Subgeneric/private $2,167
Fourth tier $202
Total $44,751

Source: NACS; preliminary data

Gross Profits by Quartile (per store per month)

Top-quartile operators generated nearly twice the profit on cigarettes per store per month as bottom-quartile retailers.

Top decile Top quartile Bottom quartile
$10,212 $8,010 $4,448

Source: NACS; preliminary data

Gross Profits by Subcategory

Cigarette gross-profit dollars fell 5.7% in 2013.

Subcategory Average margin dollars
(per store per month)
Gross margin %
Premium $5,238 14.5%
Branded discount $948 13.0%
Subgeneric/private label $316 15.2%
Fourth tier $30 14.9%
Total $6,532 14.6%

Source: NACS; preliminary data

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