September 2012 Back Rumor

Article Preview: 

BR hears Denver has a lot more 7-Elevens because of D.C.

One travel center is getting serious about made to order. Sounds like customers are “loving” it, too.

Could the country’s biggest chain be nearing yet another acquisition? BR hears some feet stomping on the East Coast.

BR hears Nice N Easy’s largest store in Brewerton, N.Y., is breaking corporate sales records left and right. Congrats!

K.B., we’re sure your cab was fab.

Is a second major industry player in line for a below-cost gasoline sales lawsuit in the St. Louis market?

Good to see you on the rebound, S.P.

S.B., we always knew your daughter inher­ited your good sense.

Lottery tickets at fuel dispensers? Stranger things have happened, J.H. says.

Best of luck to you, C.H., as you go on to your next endeavor.

Yes, C.S., the egg rolls were every bit as delicious as you said they would be.

BR hears a major East Coast chain is about to take a serious dive into electronic cigarettes.

Talk to J.W. about cashier-counter Danishes.

With “unbundled,” value-priced fountain drinks, QSRs are threatening c-stores’ single-serve drink dominance, according to S.M.

T.K.: Seems the Cleveland Indians need your magic to get through the second half of the year.

We’ll have to keep an eye out for the “tamale spaceship” next time we’re in downtown Chicago, M.D.

BR likes how J.S. is using his smartphone these days.

B.G., keep those fingernails clean. The inspectors are coming!

Even as some laggards linger, R.K. is feeling a pump-upgrade slowdown after PCI.

There must be something in the water in St. Louis— retailers there are designing mag­nificent c-stores!

We’re certain that your daughter will make a fine “fair lady” someday, M.F.H.

BR suspects a new CEO is in line to take over a small c-store chain in the northeast Ozarks.

BR hears a Texas chain had another fabulous summer because of a downloads-and-drinks promotion.

Happy 20th anniversary to the folks at Clif Bar. And that was a “wheel” nice gift for all the employees, too!

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