Retail Leader of the Year: John MacDougall

CSP honors John MacDougall of Nice N Easy Grocery Shoppes as our Retail Leader of the Year for 2013.

Angel Abcede, Senior Editor/Tobacco, CSP

Article Preview: 
“[MacDougall] isn’t motivated by money or a fancy house, all the things that may drive the average person,” Cushman says. “What gets him up in the morning is to see people become a part of the community, feeling good about the job they do. 
“People that come in to Nice N Easy often stay for five, 10, 30 years. They feel good about the people they help. It isn’t about selling [items], it’s about building community.”
MacDougall, who is 72, has thought about the idea of retirement, but he believes the most satisfied people often work well past the average retirement age. “For them, work transitions to being more like fun, like going to play school,” he says. “It’s the passion for the business.”
What he does worry about is not so much the business itself, but the survival of its intent. “Culture is not transferable,” he says. “It’s in the heart and soul of the people who work there. It’s dependent on me and key people around here. If you cut out the heart, the culture is not going to survive. That’s tough to accept.”
Ultimately, he says, Nice N Easy is about building community. 
“That’s the way it is with me,” he says. “I would rather do something good for somebody and make them happy and help them have a better life. Those are the things that light my fire.”


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