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The gasoline pump island is once again the place to beat least for now

AIKEN, S.C. -- Areas of the Southeast hardest hit by high gasoline prices this summersomewhere between the national spike in prices and shortages caused by Hurricane Ike, $5 a gallon wasn't unheard ofgot at least one holiday wish granted this week: gasoline under $1. In fact, prices as low as 87...

Certified Oil begins rollout of its new store design, emphasizes foodservice

COLUMBUS, Ohio -- Certified Oil has begun the process of converting about 40 outlets to a new design scheme by the end of 2009. An old brand has a new look in time for its 70th birthday, Columbus, Ohio-based Certified Oil, with 86 convenience stores and about 600 workers, is redesigning its outlets...

Shared strengths expected, fresh initiatives on tap for Anheuser-Busch InBev

ST. LOUIS -- SKU optimization, deliveries on weekends or at night: These are some of the high-priority projects Anheuser-Busch is undertaking in 2009. But don't blame or credit such changes on the company's recent purchase by InBev. Both projects predate that deal, according to Evan Athanas, vice...

Financial plight indicative of pressures facing refiners, says Journal
Travel plazas open, no layoffs, business as usual after Chapter 11, company says
Lundberg looks at the 2008 retail gasoline market
Northwestern wholesaler-retailer acquires eight Treasure Valley 7-Elevens
Hard economic climate doesn't hinder EZ Energy USA from scooping up 42 sites.
Leading oil company takes next step toward transitioning out of direct-served retail
Program to be combined with new loyalty concept, Petrowski says