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The Pantry, now looking at same-store-comp sales of diesel, sees 18% decline

SANFORD, N.C. -- The slow economy has The Pantry looking closer at a new aspect of its business that it seldom gave much attention to in its quarterly reports: diesel fuel. "With the slowing economy, truck traffic was down significantly, and our diesel gallons were down 18.3% in quarter one,"...

Judge dismisses Pantry suit; retailer says CITGO overpriced ethanol blend

HOUSTON -- Judge Albert Diaz of the North Carolina Business Court ruled in favor of CITGO Petroleum Corp. and dismissed a complaint filed by The Pantry Inc. regarding the pricing of E10 (10% ethanol, 90% gasoline blend). The suit was dismissed with prejudice, which means that The Pantry cannot...

Retail giant planning up to 200 new stores within four years, more long term

DALLAS -- Despite a dramatic downturn in the economy, plans are in place to expand the number of 7-Eleven stores throughout the North American market with an eye to using some successful formulas that have worked in Japan. Chief among them, said a report by the Kyodo News, is the concept of...

Judge torpedoes Subway's attempt to halt retailer's sandwich promotion.
Appco, Crescent Oil bankruptcies reveal cracks in holding company's methods.
Venerable c-store chain continue to lay low on acquisition opportunities
Deal includes 37 Southwest Missouri stores; Billings Kum & Gos becoming Zip Trips
7-Eleven reduces workforce by 10%; "no impact on stores," retailer says.
Refiner-marketer to sell 165 sites, but not ready to leave retail
Legislation raises federal cigarette tax to $1.01 per pack on April 1