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Job cuts include members of company's retail marketing business unit

PHILADELPHIA -- While not prepared to offer details, a spokesperson for Sunoco Inc. said the company's workforce reduction initiative, as reported Friday in a CSP Daily News Flash, does include members of its retail marketing business unit. "Those people may have been affected," said Thomas...

Chain keeps ear to ground for quality operations; avoids cheap, distressed properties

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas -- Open to growth opportunity, but selective in pulling the trigger--that sums up Susser Holdings Corp.'s opinion of merger and acquisitions in its markets. "There are a number of groups of stores that we think are very well-run, quality operations that we would love to have...

FDA regulation the other shoe to drop, though alternative plans emerging

[Editor's Note: This is the final installment of a four-part CSP Daily News series on how the industry is reacting to the federal excise tax on tobacco that begins in April.] WASHINGTON, D.C. -- Last summer, more than two-thirds of the U.S. House of Representatives voted to empower the Food &...

Reynolds, Lorillard follow PM USA in raising cigarette prices before April 1 tax increase
Judge rules cash collateral can be used to pay employees, insurance premium
Finding rays of light behind the SCHIP/FET tax
Support varies for tobacco regulation bill, a double-edged sword for retailers
House committee OKs Family Smoking Prevention & Tobacco Control Act
Ala. retailer files for bankruptcy, plans to liquidate
Creditors file objection, saying deal to facilitate sale of 'winter fuel' too risky.