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A new eco-friendly, healthy food c-store opens in Los Angeles

LOS ANGELES -- For Greg Horos and Melissa Rosen, necessity was the mother of invention for their Locali Conscious Convenience store, which opened in Los Angeles last Thursday. "The idea was an amalgamation between my love for convenience stores and my wife's love for healthy food," Horos told CSP...

Tobacco industry execs expect repercussions as excise tax hike seems imminent

PARAMUS, N.J. -- With the expanded SCHIP bill steadily streaming down the legislative pipeline, tobacco companies are preparing for its impending passage into law and the related tobacco-tax hike that will come with in. It seems there is not much else they can do at this point. "How do you prepare...

Succeeds resigning Adams; company also hires chief restructuring officer

OGDEN, Utah -- Flying J Inc., which filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in December, said that Crystal Call Maggelet, chairman, will add the duties of president and CEO, assuming operational leadership of the company. She succeeds J. Phillip Adams, who resigned as president and CEO. As...

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