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Retailer looking to the future of "smart energy" infrastructure

SANFORD, N.C. -- The Pantry Inc. has selected Altruent Systems, a systems integration company that specializes in the consulting, design and installation of mission-critical infrastructure, was selected to design, engineer and construct The Pantry 's new energy-efficient data center with...

One-two punch of Hurricanes Gustav, Ike worse than summer 2005: Sodini

SANFORD, N.C. -- Even as leaders at The Pantry shared the good news that the company's earnings per share for fiscal 2008 would exceed the previous year, they set a dour tone for the year and are proceeding with caution into 2009. "Fiscal year 2008 was one of the more difficult years we've had...

Billboards, merchandise mix, more create cult following for Buc-ee's

HOUSTON -- Perhaps more than any other Texas store, Buc-ee's implores people to use its bathrooms, said The Houston Chronicle . Near the Louisiana border, a billboard says: "Only 262 Miles to Buc-ee's. You can Hold It." Another one reads: "Restrooms So Clean We Leave Mints in the Urinals." The idea...

Geographic roundup of station, store, truckstop activity
Kum & Go leader honored for generosity, business savvy, contribution to industry
Retailer to offer Canada-based QSR's premium beverages, baked goods.
Fuel supplies still fluctuating in the Southeast, however
Industry making progress in interchange fight, said Armour; Oneslager on advocacy
Could officials have done more before, during fuel crisis? And what about next time?
Southeast fuel shortage easing, but not over, with new supply