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Gasoline retailers bringing out "1s" again in parts of U.S., but gouging charges persist

JOPLIN, Mo.-- Gasoline prices have fallen below $2 a gallon in some parts of the country as the impact of plunging oil prices and reduced driving are finally taking hold, reported the Associated Press. But despite price declines nationwide, a disparity on the Kansas-Missouri border is prompting...

Folding in Crescent Oil stimulates wholesale, renewable fuels ambitions

RICHARDSON, Texas -- Since its inception in 2007, Titan Global Energy Group established a goal, formulated by its parent Titan Global Holdings Inc., to construct a vertically integrated company that underscored both retail and wholesale expansion efforts. The underlying element of the plan was to...

Mount Vernon, Ohio, becoming a haven for such retail concepts

MOUNT VERNON, Ohio -- Time is essential in our modern-day society, and faster service means more time for other things. Appropriately, drive-thru convenience stores have been thriving in Knox County, Ohio, where several drive-thru concepts have found a home, according the Mount Vernon News . The...

Lower prices provide an opportunity to save face after tough financial year
Demand still low as economic anxiety and volatile oil prices persist
Certified Oil Co. launches redesign in effort to expand chain's demographic appeal.
Boston considers pharmacy-tobacco sales ban, including campus stores
For now, sales are up, but San Francisco's pharmacy tobacco sales ban likely to grow.
Jack in the Box putting its 61 convenience stores on the block
Retailer looking to the future of "smart energy" infrastructure.