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President's inaugural address signals administration's new direction

WASHINGTON -- Barack Obama delivered his first speech as president of the United States and along with focusing on the critical issues of the economy, national security and health care, he also used the opportunity to include a commitment to promote the development and use of alternative energy to...

Industry M&A professional offers insights to deal with economic, credit crunch

[Editor's Note: This article is the first in an ongoing series on how the recession is affecting the convenience store landscape.] CHICAGO -- Although big-oil divestments have put many potential acquisitions on the table, a downtrodden economy and the credit crunch have made it challenging to take...

Company not talking other than to say it is "not going out of business"

BLOUNTVILLE, Tenn. -- Appalachian Oil Co. has experienced a series of problems in recent months that has observers wondering whether the company might be in its final days. According to a report Saturday by The Bristol Herald Courier , Appco gas stations and convenience stores are ending their...

Major oil's corporate retail employees expected to be out of the job.
Senate expected to move quickly;legislation to be paid for with tobacco hike
NATO rallies other industry groups around opposition to tobacco tax increases
Utah-based chain gets adventurous with reality-TV show/marketing program
Industry analysts speculate over ExxonMobil buying Shell, Shell buying BP
Gulf Oil to introduce new retail store design, secondary gasoline brand
"Election of Barack Obama changes everything," antismoking watchdog says.