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Integrated oil company closing 42 of 76 Wal-Mart joint-venture gas stations

SAN ANTONIO -- Tesoro Corp. shut down operations at 42 of its Mirastar gas stations outside Wal-Mart stores late last week. Another 34 Mirastar sites—part of a joint venture between Tesoro and Wal-Mart—will continue to operate. "We had 76 Mirastar locations that we began with Wal-Mart in 2000,"...

Tillerson defends, discusses oil industry in interview with ABC's Gibson

NEW YORK -- ExxonMobil CEO and chairman Rex Tillerson defended his company's $11.7 billion in second-quarter profits, saying that the company's earnings reflected the magnitude of its business operation. "I saw someone characterize our profits the other day in terms of $1,400 in profit per second...

Food quality, safety depend on strong manufacturer, distributor, retailer connections

SCHAUMBURG, Ill. -- Imagine this scenario: An independent trucker, hired to distribute food to convenience stores but hurting from high fuel prices, decides to cut corners and turn off the refrigeration unit on his truck mid-trip, only to turn it on again right before delivery so product refreezes...

Gulf Oil, Cumberland Farms consolidate, streamline organizational chart
Details on EZ Energy's purchase of 15 stations, 5 contracts from BP in Pa.
Hot-food test to grow by 800 stores a year beginning in 2009
Susser updates on hurricane, reports strong second-quarter financial results
The Pantry waiting "with bated breath" to get back into M&A game.
Drugstore retailer developing smaller, limit-inventory stores
Midwestern retailer getting out of franchising; Walljasper talks strategy