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Certified Oil Co. launches redesign in effort to expand chain's demographic appeal

COLUMBUS, Ohio -- A desire for consistency, to standout more and to appeal to a wider demographicthese are the issues that are leading Certified Oil Co. to re-image about half of its stores. It's geared to slow things down a little bit and make it more comfortable for the shopper to find what they'...

Boston considers pharmacy-tobacco sales ban, including campus stores

SAN FRANCISCO -- While lawsuits filed by Walgreen Co. and Philip Morris USA against the city of San Francisco regarding the banning of tobacco-product sales in pharmacies play out on the West Coast, Big Tobacco seems headed for another challenge on the East Coast. There, a proposal would likewise...

For now, sales are up, but San Francisco's pharmacy tobacco sales ban likely to grow

[Editor's Note: This is the first in a two-part series following on San Francisco's banning of tobacco sales in pharmacies.] SAN FRANCISCO -- In the 18 days since San Francisco banned pharmacies from selling tobacco products, convenience-store retailers have seen cigarette sales rise sharply. But...

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