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Retail headquarters relocate from Illinois to California as part of restructuring

LA PALMA, Calif. -- BP PLC has moved the headquarters for its U.S. gas stations and convenience stores to Orange County, but not before cutting 117 jobs from its offices in La Palma, Calif., according to an Orange County Business Journal report. The cuts came as part of BP 's ongoing sale of its...

Biometric-payment provider Pay By Touch ceases operations

SAN FRANCISCO -- Solidus Networks Inc., which does business as Pay By Touch, called a halt to its biometric payment operations last week, as reported in a CSP Daily News Flash, unable to leave a lasting impression with its concept of allowing customers to pay for goods using the touch of a...

Prices force motorists to pull back on fuel and discretionary spending

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- Retailers may already be feeling what the government said is a significant drop in demand for gasoline. Consumer demand—which has grown an average of 1% annually for gasoline over the past six years—is now expected to rise only 0.3% over last year, according to the U.S. Energy...

Purchase of 15 Illinois Speedway stores incrementally boosts chain's regional reach.
Retailer adds take-home, evening daypart to menu mix chainwide
And more coming soon throughout retailer's regional network.
Bid seminars, offer deadlines fast approaching in markets across the country
Susser sees additional synergies with integration of Town & Country stores
Company to add about 200 stores before spring's end.
Rebranding stores acquired from Jopo, Jo-By in Washington, Idaho to Cenex