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Industry sales hit $577.4 billion as credit-card fees rise to double pretax profits

CHICAGO-- Attendees at the 2008 NACS State of the Industry Summit in Partnership with CSP in Chicago had a lot of numbers to digest on Thursday, but there's one figure in particular that presenters wanted them to remember: $7.6 billion. That's the sum total of credit-card fees paid by retailers in...

Poor weather, frugal consumers contribute to lower 2Q sales

SANFORD, N.C. -- Blaming the downturn on abysmal March weather along with static consumer disposal income, The Pantry Inc. said Wednesday that retail merchandise and fuel sales during second-quarter 2008 each dropped 3.4% from like-period 2007. In a conference call with analysts, chairman and CEO...

Projections show narrowing of difference between retail gas price,crude cost, EIA says

WASHINGTON -- Retail gasoline prices could climb as high as $4 a gallon this summer, but prices at such lofty levels will make many Americans think twice about hitting the road this summer, the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) said Tuesday, according to the Associated Press. High prices and a weak...

Aims to be top retail brand in the City of Big Shoulders, metro area
Douglass Distributing aims to add five stores by year's end.
Maverik, Pops 66, truckstops, featured on "reality" shows.
House committee approves bill to give Food & Drug Administration authority to regulate tobacco
Top execs called to testify before House energy independence, global warming committee
Acquisitions coming in retail, refining segments, according to Yemin
U.K. retailer "pausing for breath" for three months on Fresh & Easy expansion in U.S.