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DeSutter gets on board with plenty of foodservice, integration chops

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas -- When Alvin New chose not to join Susser Holdings Corp. after it bought New's Town & County Food Stores operation in the fall of 2007, he took with him not only a handsome check, but also a background in retail that would be hard to replace. Five months later, Susser...

Chicago franchisee adds six more sites; ad campaign proves fruitful

CHICAGO -- Bob Juckniess is counting his blessings: six of the cream-of-the-crop ampm c-store and petroleum-retail sites from BP's selloff of stations in several key markets, including Juckniess' turf on the outskirts of the Windy City. Juckniess, president of RWJ Management Co. Inc., Oak Brook,...

Another Big Oil company shifts retail operations to distributor class

FAIRFAX, Va. -- Announcing the formidable transition of 820 company-owned and -operated retail sites and 1,400 dealer-operated sites yesterday, ExxonMobil became the latest major oil company to exit direct retail in favor of alternative paradigms, in this case, primarily to the distributor class of...

Travel center retailer files for bankruptcy; new store opening pending amid closures
Coast to coast, the economy presents a ‘dangerous ' time for petroleum retailers.
West Coast chain opening new stores; adding, broadening product lines
Divestment the motive for sale that will transition 162 Houston-area sites
Minn. retailer among those adopting proprietary, fee-friendly debit-card program
The national average for unleaded gasoline stepped past the $4-a-gallon mark this month, with observers predicting prolonged highs at least through July 4.
Spinoff could give menthol giant new areas of distribution and market penetration