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Rebranding its Exxon sites to attract value-conscious motorists

DUXBURY, Mass. -- VERC Enterprises Inc. said that it will convert 14 of its locations from Exxon to Gulf by the end of 2008. Leo Vercollone, CEO of VERC Enterprises, said that the locations undergoing the change are stores in Westford, Kingston, Lynnfield, Raynham, Duxbury, Nobscot (Framingham),...

BP declares franchise personality with Chicago, Atlanta ad campaigns

CHICAGO -- The average Joe and Jane consumer in Atlanta and Chicago are now getting a taste of the personality behind ampm, BP's West Coast convenience store franchise that is replacing the major oil company's direct-op retail strategy nationwide. In a whirl of advertising that includes whimsical...

REIT names director to deal with Getty Petroleum Marketing

JERICHO, N.Y. -- Getty Realty Corp. said that its board has designated David Driscoll as the lead independent director to work with management to attempt to negotiate a modification of the company's leases with its principal tenant, Getty Petroleum Marketing Inc., the U.S. arm of the Russian oil...

Several sites slated for upgrades; more stores coming for regional retailer
QuikTrip expanding in Wichita, Tucson, driven by foodservice; signals more growth
Industry sales hit $577.4 billion as credit-card fees rise to double pretax profits
Poor weather, frugal consumers contribute to lower 2Q sales
Projections show narrowing of difference between retail gas price,crude cost, EIA says
Aims to be top retail brand in the City of Big Shoulders, metro area
Douglass Distributing aims to add five stores by year's end.