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Mostly closed locations are in major U.S. markets

CHICAGO -- BP said that it is offering 56 U.S. retail sites for commercial use. Of these sites, 50 are currently closed and six are operating. Some of the sites within this package were previously announced in November as company-owned, company-operated locations that BP will be selling over the...

Report calls for 40-cent federal gas tax hike, state fuel tax increases

WASHINGTON -- A study by the National Surface Transportation Policy & Revenue Study Commission has recommended an increase in the federal gasoline tax of up to 40 cents per gallon over five years, said the Associated Press. Motorists now pay about 18 cents per gallon in federal gasoline taxes...

Rumor of Snak-Atak acquisition in line with retailer's growth plans

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. -- Along with the acquisition of six Express Lane convenience stores from the bankrupt Waddill's Markets Inc., reported last week in a CSP Daily News Flash , Cody's Convenience Stores Inc. has been rumored to be contemplating the acquisition of some Snak-Atak convenience stores,...

Selling 48 sites in Atlanta area to be re-imaged as ampm stores
Ky. AG Sues Marathon for Gouging