Another set of trends emerging from the dispensary channel: infused beverages and smokeable products.

“There’s some cool new forms for CBD because not everyone likes to take a tincture,” says Patterson, calling out beverages as a natural fit for the c-store channel because shoppers are already accustomed to purchasing single-serve drinks or energy shots.

Lukas agrees that, while not new, there have been innovations to cannabinoid-infused beverages over the past year to make the category more compelling. She specifically points to water-soluble, powdered beverage packaging that allows consumers to customize how little—or how much—CBD they want in a serving. Smokeable CBD, specifically in the form of pre-rolled hemp cigarettes, is also becoming popular in and out of dispensaries.

“We’re seeing record growth in pre-rolled joints,” says Zack Johnson, CEO and founder of Marina Del Rey, Calif.-based Greenbox Robotics, which markets a fully automated CBD kiosk.

Lukas says the vaping crisis of 2019 likely led to an increased demand for “flower”—aka raw marijuana or hemp—as inhaling cannabis is one of the quickest ways to feel its effects. “We talk so much about CBD in ingestibles, but people are seeking those benefits from hemp cigarettes or a dip-like application,” she says. “There’s a more immediate effect.”

As a result, manufacturers are increasingly offering hemp-only pre-roll joints, according to Johnson.