Of all the c-stores in this report, QuikTrip Corp. garnered the highest rating for its beverage program. The Tulsa, Okla.-based brand’s specialty beverages have a hand-crafted feel with the help of QT Kitchen’s full-service counter. Guests can order eight cafe drinks, such as mocha, chai latte and premium hot cocoa, all available hot or iced. Customers on the lookout for a drinkable dessert can sip on one of the chain’s customizable QuikShakes. The brand also capitalizes on popular drink rollouts by celebrating the items’ anniversaries with free giveaways, as the chain did for its Birthday Cake QuikShake.

The c-store is also known for its fresh-brewed, self-serve sweetened and unsweetened QTea, flavored in Original, Black Mango and Pineapple Papaya Green Tea. The private-label tea is also available in the cold case. The c-store’s Freezoni and smoothie dispensers give on-the-go customers a speedy alternative to its made-to-order offerings.

Late last year, QuikTrip began testing walk-in beer coolers in anticipation of heightened demand and item count from an Oklahoma liquor law taking effect in October, which allows alcohol manufacturers to work with more distributors.

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