Not only does Wawa Inc. have a full lineup of frozen, made-to-order beverages, but the retailer also has a secret menu customers can unlock via a touchscreen kiosk. The secret menu launched in honor of the Wawa, Pa.-based chain’s 54th anniversary. After accessing the menu, customers could choose from a Birthday Cake Shake for $3.69 or Birthday Cake Smoothie for $4.29. Giving the hidden menu a seasonal spin, now guests can order rainbow bagels and strawberry, mango and citrus lemonade.

Early this year, Wawa launched its Wawa Reserve line of premium coffee. The rare, small-batch coffee blends represent just 3% of the world’s coffee. This March, Wawa also transitioned to all Rainforest Alliance Certified espresso products, with a goal to sustainably source all coffee products by 2020.

Guests can also grab more than 20 Wawa-branded iced tea, fruit punch and lemonade varieties from the cold case.

Photo courtesy of iStock