20 Great Coffee Programs for 2022

20 Great Coffee Programs for 2022

Kwik Trip

Kwik Trip’s coffee sales are inching toward pre-pandemic levels as of June 2022, and the La Crosse, Wis.-based c-store chain attributes this to ongoing double-digit growth in breakfast sandwich sales.

20 Great Coffee Programs for 2022


Thorntons coffee includes fresh-brewed, bean-to-cup and iced. Traditional fresh-brewed coffee is available every morning for guests and includes a range of flavor profiles: Bakery Blend Light Roast, House Medium and European Dark Roast.

Rutter’s recently upgraded its premium coffee to Euro Dark Roast, a select blend from multiple coffee regions that delivers the bold, full-bodied experience of a true dark European roast.

Family Express has a 24-flavor menu of made-to-order coffees featuring bean-to-cup Java Wave European Cafe machines offering 12 hot and 12 iced beverages.

Chick-fil-A’s farmer-direct coffee is a custom, proprietary blend made from Arabica beans grown at high altitudes, according to the company’s website.

Toronto-based Tim Hortons is the largest fast-food chain in Canada, with more than 3,500 stores, and it also has more than 600 locations in the United States. It plans on opening its first Texas location in summer 2022 in Katy and 15 stores over the next five years in Georgia.

Peet’s Coffee, San Francisco, launched in 1966 in Berkeley, Calif., is dedicated to crafting the perfect cup, a goal that shapes its process, from partnering with farmers to roasting by hand.

20 great convenience-store and QSR coffee programs

Parker’s, Savannah, Ga., as of June 2022 is in the process of upgrading its house recipe and introducing a new limited-time-offer blend. Parker’s prides itself on having a wide variety of flavored creamer and sweetener options, allowing customers to make their coffee just like they would at home.

Wawa kicked off its 2022 coffee lineup with returning mild roast LTO Cinnamon Bun coffee, with warm vanilla aromas and sweet bakery notes of cinnamon and bruleed sugar.

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