Minneapolis-based Caribou Coffee offers handcrafted beverages, small-batch roasted coffee beans, limited-time offers and all-day breakfast—and strives to balance speed and experiential dining.

Coffee offerings are both standard and unusual, such as the Cabin Life Blend for the summer and a S’Mores Flavored Coffee. Represented coffee regions include Brazil Cerrado, Colombia Huila and Sumatra Lintong.

Founders John and Kim Puckett opened the first Caribou Coffee in 1992 in Minnesota with a vision to build personal connection into the coffeehouse experience. The company says its growth is fueled by creating day-making experiences that spark a chain reaction of good for its team, customers and community.

Caribou has a robust online presence as well, with coffee offerings, apparel and drinkware.

Customer comment: “I love the coffee brands of the world and that they are committed to great sourcing and Rainforest Alliance and have a great breakfast menu and do charities.”