The Tulsa, Oklahoma-based chain’s cold-brew coffee is ground, steeped and held cold for 12 hours to make an extra smooth coffee over ice. QuikTrip also offers several frappe versions, including French Vanilla.

The chain recently remodeled its coffee bar, moving to whole bean coffee that is freshly brewed and adding fresh condiments in a cold well. In addition, QuikTrip is adding a tap system that will contain fresh lattes, mochas and nitro-infused cold brew.

Customer comment: “My daughter and I both enjoy snacks and beverages from QuikTrip. I like that they are one of the only convenience stores that have frozen coffee beverages like the caramel lattes. She enjoys the pizza slices to go and the wide selection of cereal and granola/protein bars. We also like that they carry the widely popular Nerds Gummy Clusters, which you can’t find everywhere.”