2019 Foodservice Handbook

2019 Foodservice Handbook

3 Big Trends in Restaurants

Marketing dollars are being reallocated from mass-market TV and radio ads to more targeted campaigns.

2019 Foodservice Handbook

3 Big Trends in Noncommercial

1. Plant Pushers More than half of all diners (59%) say they eat meatless meals at least once a week, according to Technomic. And while plant-forward menuing is not necessarily new to noncommercial...

Consumers have been a bit spoiled in recent years. The emergence of third-party delivery and frictionless options have shifted their expectations on ease of ordering and wait time.

Optimism in the foodservice category is waning: While a majority of all operators (69%) expect sales to greatly or somewhat improve in the next year, the number is down from the year before. But as op...

Regulations continue to be a major pain point for operators. State minimum wages keep creeping higher, with 29 states at a higher rate than the federal minimum wage of $7.25. And while rules around me...

Consumers are eating smaller meals more often—and often outside of traditional dayparts—which has led many operators to adjust their menus to include snacks for throughout the day. That said, many ope...

Regulations continue to be a major pain point for operators

The health craze isn’t slowing down—it’s amplifying

Some oper­ators may choose the third-party delivery route, but that has its own challenges.

Operators in the retail, noncommercial and restaurant segments are feeling pretty good about the state of their industries.