1. Know the Consumer

Marketing dollars are being reallocated from mass-market TV and radio ads to more targeted campaigns. With the influx of data, chain marketers are devoting time and resources to knowing their customers and then sending them personalized messaging and offers based on their habits and actions. These conversations with the guest are happening via social media, branded loyalty apps and other channels.

30% — Amount of consumers who say they typically purchase more food when ordering carryout vs. dining in, according to Technomic’s Off-Premise Consumer Trend Report

2. Off-Premise Boom 2.0

There are very few chains that haven’t explored delivery as a potential method for boosting sales. While chains partnering with third-party delivery companies made headlines in 2018, the conversation has shifted to improving these relationships. Among the main topics discussed are lowering commissions, adjusting pricing strategies and opening up application programming interfaces, as well as opportunities for co-marketing and more advanced reporting. Many brands are also trying to drive online orders away from these third-party marketplaces and onto their own ordering channels.

18% — Amount of off-premise restaurant sales that are delivery; however, delivery sales are growing at a much faster rate than any other form of off-premise service, according to the Off-Premise Consumer Trend Report

3. A New Look

While the trend has always been to shrink the amount of floor space needed for kitchens to allow more area for revenue-generating tables and seats, that design has been flipped on its head. Many restaurants are adding a space for delivery drivers to wait as well as an area for guests to collect online orders placed for pickup. More production is also needed to meet the demand for outgoing off-premise orders, which now account for 63% of total industry transactions, according to research from the National Restaurant Association.

132 — Average number of items on a chain restaurant menu, a drop of just 0.3% over the past five years, according to Technomic Ignite menu data