2020 Indie Influencers

2020 Indie Influencers

2020 Indie Influencers

10 retailers that transform into neighborhood organizers, food banks and supply hubs in the shadow of the pandemic

2020 Indie Influencers

Aurora Stores

Well into March, customers at Sam Maredia’s Aurora Stores were desperate for hand sanitizer.

It didn’t take a pandemic for retailers Himanshu Goel and Theresa Enigl to donate supplies to their community.

When the coronavirus caused schools to close in Oregon, that meant the end of school lunches for some children.

The 40 indies CSP has profiled over the past four years represent some of the savviest retailers in the United States.

Fridays have become the busiest day of the week at Lakeport Market in upstate New York. Friday became known as Pizza Day soon after the store, co-owned by former Nice N Easy Grocery Shoppe executive Matt Paduano, began providing free lunches March 17, when schools in the area were shut down.

A group of Sikh motorcyclists has become unlikely saviors during the coronavirus pandemic—and it all begins from a convenience store.

Within just a few hours in April, the staff at Melody Magic Mart in Macon, Ga., distributed about 700 meals to anyone in need from the store’s parking lot.

Since Olive’s Country Store and Cafe transformed its 30-seat dining area into a meal-prep station in March, nearly 2,000 meals have been given out

Being a healthcare worker doesn’t make gas any cheaper, unless you’re a customer of the Penn Forest Plaza Sunoco in Jim Thorpe, Pa. Local news station WNEP reported that store manager Andy Day was giving away free gas to healthcare workers and first responders who showed their employee ID or badge.

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