2020 Outlook Survey

Convenience-store retailers feel all right about the future. More than half (52%) of c-store operators said they expect their total 2020 sales to be at least somewhat higher than last year's profits according to CSP's latest Outlook Survey. On the contrary, 39% anticipate their 2020 sales to be at least somewhat lower than last year's. Here's how retailers are feeling about business conditions, COVID-19, labor and more as a year from hell comes to a close.

By Brett Dworski and Hannah Prokop

What Comes Next?

How do you anticipate your total 2020 sales will compare to 2019 (including fuel and in-store)?

Industry Opinions

What do you expect to happen to business conditions in 2021?

Pandemic Analysis

How do you expect the pandemic to affect your sales and traffic in 2021?

“Our industry, we are in a good spot because we're critical infrastructure, and critical infrastructure means that we're required to stay open. And by being open, it gives you an opportunity to sell something.”

—Rutter's CEO Scott Hartman


CSP's 2020 Outlook Survey was conducted between Sept. 9-23 and fielded 74 responses from CSP readers.

Numbers may not add up to 100 due to rounding.

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