2021 Beverage Report: Off-Premise Promise

2021 Beverage Report: Off-Premise Promise

Bottled Water Declines

Huck’s biggest packaged-beverage challenge during the past year was bottled water.

2021 Beverage Report: Off-Premise Promise

Alcohol Drives Growth

With the shutdown of many bars and restaurants amid the pandemic, consumers increased their take-home alcohol purchases.

By the end of 2020, the worldwide cannabis market was expected to reach $20 billion, and it’s predicted to more than double by 2025 to $47 billion

Beverage sales grew in convenience stores in 2020—particularly driven by alcohol—but the channel lost a share of the market.

About 25% of energy-drink sales typically come from the routine morning customer

While the overall ready-to-drink (RTD) tea and coffee categories were down 1.4% in dollar sales and 6.2% in unit sales for 2020, some coffee segments showed growth, IRI data shows.

he COVID-19 pandemic was the biggest influence on the beverage industry in 2020, says Gary Hemphill, managing director of research at Beverage Marketing Corp., New York.

CSDs had an outstanding year for both Kum & Go and Huck’s.

Davis says 2020 was the first time she’s seen juice grow since she joined Huck’s. She attributes that to people looking for health boosts amid the pandemic.