Since it’s beginning in 2017, Choice Market has been built on the promise of a wide variety of tech-forward checkout options, and Mike Fogarty, founder and CEO, has added even more to the checkout experience at its stores in the past year.

“We’ve built our own custom platform to offer the ability to order ahead, to order delivery through one of our electric vehicles or order through a kiosk,” says Fogarty.

Choice Market worked with AiFi to develop its frictionless checkout platform, Choice Now, which is live in the chain’s newest unit, Choice Bannock, a 5,000-square-foot store in Denver’s Golden Triangle neighborhood.

Customers may use the Choice mobile app at Bannock to check into the store, pick up whatever they need and depart via contactless checkout, after which the receipt is sent to the customer’s mobile app. The goal is to roll out AiFi’s checkout tech to all locations by the end of first quarter 2022.

“This technology fits the convenience channel perfectly, and I think you’ll start to see it across every retail channel in the near future,” says Fogarty.