Led by Chuck Maggelet, CEO/chief adventure guide, Maverik has developed a culture fostering support for its employees.

“The culture is what has kept me here,” says 20-year employee Lindi Silvester, learning and development specialist. “It’s contagious. … Chuck considers himself the chief adventure guide; that’s exactly what he is. He’s out there; he’s collaborating with these frontline employees asking what we can do for you.”

Tim Isom has felt valued by transitioning from store director into facilities operations management in just three years. “It was a move I never thought I would make, mobility that I didn’t think I had, in a time frame I didn’t think was possible,” he says.

Maggelet says Maverik works hard to meet the ever-changing needs of its workforce. It recently offered a companywide pay boost to help offset inflationary pressures.

“We continually evolve our competitive benefit package and offer enhancements such as tuition reimbursement, paid parental leave, PTO and 401(k) plan,” he says.

Talking about the company’s support system, Isom recalls his first week at Maverik when a vice president paid a visit. “He picked up a broom, started sweeping, and did other things that were part of my job,” he says. “They showed me what it is like to lead from the front.”

Isom says Maverik has The Titanium Rule,” which is treating others better than they expect to be treated. “Customer service just isn’t at the store level, but customer service is for everyone at Maverik,” Isom says.