These days, employers need to look beyond the want ads in the local newspaper to find the best place to list open jobs. And even social media can be the new job market.

Nicole Kuhl, brand director, RaceTrac, Atlanta, understands the importance of a robust and engaging online presence when it comes to attracting top talent.

Kuhl has worked to build RaceTrac’s online image as an employer. The first step, she says, is a good website.

“You would think an efficient website is a given,” she says, “but it’s not.” Kuhl says the website and application process are integral, as many applicants don’t finish a job application because it is too long.

Kuhl and her team feature specific employees as brand ambassadors on its website and social media channels. The employees talk about themselves, why they joined with RaceTrac and why they are still there today. She also shares those messages on billboards and mobile websites to get the word out.