alternative fuels


IT Honors

Mansfield Oil, Hess recognized for technology innovation


PC&F Deal Propels Renewables

Pacific Convenience & Fuels signs "co-locating" agreement with Propel Fuels in West

Susser showcasing support for environmental initiatives

Support for ethanol subsidies weak, waning among GOP presidential hopefuls

State-backed deal brewing, but retailer says it's "a long way off"

President estimates new 54.5-mpg fuel-efficiency standard will save $1.7 trillion at pump

Details on retail chain's electric-vehicle charging initiative

Plans to become nation's largest EV charging station retail host with 800 sites

Repeals Volumetric Ethanol Excise Tax Credit July 31 rather than December 31

Rest area commercialization, EV legislation jeopardizes businesses, jobs, more at interstate exits

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