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Beverages: Distributor's Notebook 2014

Convenience store retailers are finding real opportunities with the rise of all-day snacking and the appeal of juices, smoothies and coffee drinks as snack and meal substitutes.


CSD Declines Worsen: Herzog

Worst results of the year "driven by weak diet trends"

Convenience store bottled-water sales rose around 4% in 2013 by both dollars and units, with gallons up 3.1%. The segments leading the pack: single-serve PET, take-home multipacks and sparkling.

Category grows on back of energy drinks, enhanced waters: Herzog

CSDs hold their own as energy, bottled water, sports drinks grow sales

Growing categories include teas, bottled water, isotonics, energy drinks

Sparkling-water sales doubled over 2 years after bottlers invested heavily in marketing and new products.

True Drinks expands convenience store presence

CSP presents its 2014 Beverage Report to assess the past year of the major subcategories and where they might go in convenience stores in the future.

Interesting rollouts from Anheuser-Busch; other items at the front door

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