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Industry View: Live by the Sword, Die by the Sword

Whatever happened to the good ol’ days of customers going directly to a store manager and informing him or her of their dissatisfaction? Shoppers now have the ability to share their experience by writing reviews or sharing their experience via social media.

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Shedding the Light on March CSP (Infographic)

A look at a dozen bright highlights of our latest print issue

What will it take to get more drivers to pull into a car wash, or to persuade those drivers who do pull in to come back more than they do now?

Too many operators of retail-fueling locations are overlooking a prominent way they can maximize their bottom lines: using that extra space on their lot to install a car wash.

Nall to support car-wash manufacturer’s distributor and sales network

Conference goers get a look at sprawling site with a little bit of everything

Walker stops by car wash manufacturer on Blueprint for Prosperity Tour

In-bay automatic to mini-tunnel conversion, while certainly not new, is suddenly a main topic of conversation in car washing.

The professional car-wash industry experienced steady overall growth in 2013. Two data sets managed by International Carwash Association allow us to draw this conclusion.

More chains honor service with Nov. 11 deals

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