C-Store Group Calls for Delay in State Menthol Ban

New Massachusetts law currently set to go into effect June 1


Manufacturer PMTA Update: May 2020

CSP tracks public statements about FDA new-product submissions

After many years, FDA authorizes only IQOS, General smokeless products and low-nicotine cigarettes

Pandemic stifled processes for manufacturers, FDA

New tobacco product submission deadline will eventually put onus on c-store operators

Traditional cigarettes, oral tobacco products push Marlboro maker's revenue up 13% in first quarter

With final application date delayed, tobacco and vape makers solidify strategies for new products

OTP trends show c-stores maintaining dominance over category

COVID-19 concerns lead to final court approval of 120-day extension for tobacco, vape manufacturers

Altria announces Willard’s decision as he recovers from COVID-19

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