NATO Director Updates C-Store Retailers on Tobacco

Thomas Briant shared the latest on FDA enforcement, OTP regs with CRU attendees


Tobacco Retailer Inspection Webinar

Center for Tobacco Products to hold webinar today

FDA law, as passed by Congress in 2009, allows the agency to extend tobacco regulations to other tobacco products, including cigars and pipe tobacco.

Company sees some gains from pricing and smokeless tobacco

Fed. gov. has no authority to take space on packaging to persuade consumers not to buy

The end of Altria Group Inc.'s annual shareholder meeting on May 17 will also mark the end of an era for the tobacco company.

Commonwealth - Altadis exec details activities as merge completes

Complex regs lead owner to create tobacco-only store rather than c-store

Retailers weigh in on which of the Big Three will gain market share this year

The Providence, R.I. city council passed two ordinances that ban most flavored tobacco products and prohibit the redemption of tobacco product coupons.

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