electric vehicle


Exxon Mobil, Chevron Shareholders Push Back on Activists’ Proposals

Investors call for larger efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions


States Expect Lower Gas-Tax Revenue as EVs Hit the Roads

EV owners to pay more for state vehicle registrations to fund road repairs

Inflationary pressures cut into delivery fees, tips

Fast chargers to be installed every 50 miles on path from Kalamazoo to Quebec City

Lightweight charging unit designed to provide emergency roadside assistance for stranded EVs

Fixing transportation supply-chain issues would help economy grow

Retailer’s fast-charger rollout continues

Demand picking up for electric-vehicle charging at c-store chain's 95 charger locations

Travel company Upgraded Points calculates cost of five American routes in electric vehicles vs. gas cars

Consumers willing to pay more for ‘green’ brands: Survey

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