electronic cigarettes


Anti-E-Cig Groups Pushing Ideology Over Science?

Boston University's Michael Siegel: calls for e-cig bans "most baffling" of his career


Lorillard Grows Global E-Cig Presence

Acquires U.K.-based SKYCIG electronic cigarette business

Former American Lung Association Leader Joins E-Cig Group; Healthcare advocate Connor to serve as primary liaison to public health community

Push to control electronic cigarettes without enough data could destroy effective alternative, says Consumer Advocates for Smoke-free Alternatives Association

40 attorneys general sign letter co-sponsored by Coakley, DeWine

Herzog: Altria's E-Cig Strategy Shrewder Than First Predicted; Takeaways from Wells Fargo's meetings with company's president, CEO and CFO

FDA E-Cig TV Ad Ban Coming, Says Report; Electronic cigarette makers plan to continue marketing products until prohibited by law

Dr. Keith Ablow's E-Cig Study Has Dramatic Results; Predicts e-cigs could be "the most effective anti-tobacco tool we've known"

No Proposal to Ban E-Cigarette Sales Online: FDA; Regulators clarify earlier report

FDA to Ban Online Sales of E-Cigarettes? Proposal could be a boon to traditional retailers

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